Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Physical Activity

Do you think it is good to be physically active? I reckon it is because you can stay healthy fit and you can be energetic. Being physically active is really good for you.

1 benefit to Exercise is that it can be fun and social. Exercise and physical activity can be enjoyable for people .Being physically active can really help you enjoy it and relax if it makes you happy.  Physical activity can also help connect with your family and can make you bond more.

Another benefit is that physical activity controls your weight. What I mean by this is that by exercising or be physically active can burn fat in your body. It can actually make you lose weight. You maybe thinking that how can this be that’s exactly what I was thinking. But it really works.

By being physically active it can help you stay healthy and not get sick. If you not being active you can get serious heart conditions and even get deadly diseases. Who would want that right? By staying active you have a high chance of not being sick this is only if you stay active often.

If your someone that thinks that your not active, or doesn't want to get sick or even doesn't want any heart problems then consider these ideas to help you stay physically active, healthy and even fit. If you need more idea or even information then do some research. After considering these ideas you may be surprised on how much healthier you are or even how fit you are. Believe you can do it!!

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