Thursday, 26 March 2015

Camp writing

We had Year 5 & 6 Camp, it was on Wednesday and the sun was shining and the birds were chirping as I was walking to school . Whoever went to camp had to come in Mufti and have there backpack with their lunch in it. When we got to school some of the tents were already up.

Then we went to the hall for a meeting and to get into our groups. Furthermore we went to go play activities. and the Commitments were the first to go cooking. The girls cooked cookies and the boys cooked

The 2nd Activity the commitments played was killerzone. It was so funny and also exciting because we were throwing water balloons. We had to pretend that the ground was full of sharks, also eels. Then we had to get 5 people on a ski and ski them across the eles. But there was 2 skis for 2 teams. The team we versed was Matapono e and the commitments won. 100 points. We got 100 points for teamwork and taking turns also using cooperation and communication.

Then for afternoon tea we had biscuits milk and fruit. Then we had a rest and went to our next activity. The activity the Commitments did was kayaking at Pt england beach. You could go by yourself or with a partner. I went  with a partner and my partner's name was Liana. We had to go all the way out to the green pole. After everyone had a turn in our group we went for a 5min swim. We could go  up to our chest. Then we had to take the kayaks onto the grass and put it on the truck.

After that we went to the pools because we got to have a 10min swim. Then we had to get out and go for a shower and walk back to school. Moreover we then had dinner and for dinner we had nachos with Chips,Mince,Sour Cream, and cheese. The next thing we did was have  dessert. For dessert we had Ice-cream. On the last day of camp we went to mangire pools.  We were going down the water slide.  We went to the deep pool and we were bombing. I had the best camp Ever because we did activities and went to the pools.