Saturday, 30 January 2016

Gamelab@Te Oro

At the end of last year one of my teachers was giving out advertisements and permission slips for a holiday course. It said Gamelab, that sounded interesting.  When it was home time, I showed my mum and she signed it.  In the holidays Ms M (who was supervising the course) came to my house and was talking to my mum I didn’t hear what they were saying but then when Ms M left my mum told me that I was of the 20 lucky kids that got chosen  to be in the Gamelab programme.


On the 25th of January I turned up to Te Oro where the Gamelab was being held. It was a game camp set up through Manaiakalani in association with  I saw a few student who go to Pt England School, a few past students who used to go Pt England School  and 2 student who go to Tamaki Primary. I was feeling excited then afterwards I was feeling nervous, I had never done any coding or scripting before. But then I didn’t feel nervous anymore because 2 of my friends were there too. A teacher named Mr Harding from Wellington who makes games was telling us about him and he was also our tutor. He was really smart. When I got on to the website called Gamefroot there was a link that took us to a page where we could start scripting and making our own games.

The next day I was making a game called Slappy Plane. Mr Harding was taking us through the steps of what to put on our scripts and where are the objects that we can use. When I finished my game I posted it on Gamefroot and some of the students were playing my game and I was playing their games too. The game that I liked was called Tappy Plane by Lizara T. Her Game was Interesting because if you touch the mountains they will make you die. After I Made flappy plane I made Another game called Memory 3. The point of the game is if you click the card with a joker on it, it takes you back to the start screen and in the middle of the screen there is a coin when you finish clicking all the cards without clicking the joker then you can click the coin and it will take you to the next level.

On the last day some of us were playing the games we had created, and some of us were still finishing our games . While my game was still publishing a special visitor came; The Honorable Nikki Kaye Associate Minister of Education and MP for Auckland Central. She came to see how cool the Gamelab was. The other great thing that happened on the last day is that we all got a phone from keep!

Then we all took a photo .It was an awesome week. I got to write script for my very own game. You can check it out here Memory 3

Here is a movie that you can access and it shows things about the course.


  1. What an exciting way to spend time in the holidays and learn new skills! You will be a designer of the future, thinking up games that have never been created before to challenge your friends.

  2. Wow Sheales, what an amazing blog post and what a special experience you have recorded here. I'm so glad about this because lots of good people contributed to making this wonderful event happen.
    Well done YOU!