Monday, 27 June 2016

My Comic Animation

Sheales's Comic Animation from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This term we had to create an Comic animation with our favourite superhero in it. We also had to pick a city and a Problem. The Problem I did was a Comet coming toward earth and then supergirl kicks it. I hope you enjoy my animation and Please leave a commet

My Problem Solving

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Graphic Novel - Arohanui revenge of the fey

In our reading class we were learning to understand the Author's purpose and
respond critically. This is my book review of Arohanui revenge of the fey. Take a look
and see if you would like to read it.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

My Warrior Narrative

There was once a beautiful young princess warrior called Siale who lived in a village in the Pacific. Even though she was a princess, she would always protect her village from danger. She was so brave that she would even fight people who were much larger and stronger. Her best features were her loyalty and strength. Siale lived in a beautiful village that was isolated from other villages. It was located near the sea so that the villagers could easily collect and catch food.
One day Siale was talking to her siblings when suddenly out of the blue she had a strange feeling. She dashed to her fale telling her family ‘‘I have a really a strange feeling that something is about to happen’’. Next she told the guards to go to the look out. Afterwards they thought that they had seen nothing, but then they had another look and they saw what they thought were their worst enemies coming towards them.
The guards quickly called out for help and everyone was worried.  Siale's mouth felt dry and her hands became sweaty as soon as she saw her worst enemies entering her village. Terrified, she had nothing to say or do, except face them.  The guards and men from the village were ready to fight.

Everyone stood still waiting for the battle to begin. Then a powerful looking warrior came to the front. Siale looked in shock as she realised that it was her long lost brother. They were going to have a battle but they didn’t. Instead they just shook hands and then hugged. Siale couldn’t believe what had just happened. Now it was time for the village to celebrate.

Tips for comic arts

Bok Choy (Padlet)

Reckless (Padlet)

Friday, 10 June 2016

My NZ Gold Rush Connections

Walt: identify key words and main ideas in and between texts
Walt: understand the author's purpose Walt: summarise the key ideas of a text in an interesting way.

You can also see that I have created a Google maps and pined them. It also shows facts about these place. I have done pins from nearly all over the world.

My Maths Presentaion

Walt: Divide in parts.Walt: Convert proper and improper fractions.

My Avengers Assemble writing

On a Sunny beautiful day Karen was at the beach because she had  the day off from her part time job as a undercover agent. She had this chip that hand power in it and she had to protect it from a villain named joker.

That day Karen was walking home from the beach when joker came out of nowhere and was asking Karen where is the chip but she never told. After That he kidnapped her. Karen was so frightened that she remembered that she hand her phone in her pocket she rang black widow and the avenger and was telling her about joker. She called back up because she new that joker was so evil. After calling she left the phone on so they can hear everything he says. When joker heard people talking he got angry and took karen away to somewhere else.

He took karen’s phone away and they went to jokers layer. He left his helpers there and black widow sent Hulk to go check out the place where karen was last at. When hulk arrived there he slammed one of joker's helpers against the wall and he told where joker took karen. Karen was so frightened and scared she didn’t know what to do. Joker was hassling her saying “where is the chip’’ she said “I don’t have it I left it at work”. 

Furthermore he started threatening her. Hulk advent truly  found her and they locked up joker so he wouldn’t get the chip. Moreover they were questioning joker saying “why do you want the chip so badly” he didn’t answer so they just locked him up. The avengers hide the chip away so none would ever find it. Karen thanked the avengers so much they said “that's what we do”.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Dear Ted

Dear Ted,

I suppose you're happy that the war is over but I am afraid 1 thing is missing something is wrong with the boat and you won’t be coming home as soon as you thought your were.

From Harry

Immersion assenbly

KAPOW , BANG , KAPOOF yes I am talking about comics and comic art. If you're thinking what kind of comics I am talking about well they are Marvel and DC. But First we had a Immersion assembly team 4 made a movie. The movie was about superheroes. The Superheroes were called  Team leader America , Wondering woman , Bat Guy , The Amauteur heroes and Bear Baxendine.

The movie was about all the superheroes bear baxendine was going into a classroom stealing Bobby- Jon’s Chromebook. Next he was sitting on a rubbish bin and the amauteur heroes saw him . So they went to go try beat him up but bear baxendine defeated them. After that Bat guy went to go save the amauteur heroes and  Team leader america and wondering woman went to go defeat bear baxendine at last bear baxendine was in jail.

A while after one of the amateur heroes said to bat guy ‘‘wow bat guy your muscles’’. A while after Wondering woman said ‘‘Eh hmm’’ so then she had bigger muscles then bat guy and he felt ashamed.

Will he save her

It was a hot and sunny day in Australia a girl named Mary was working as a teacher. Her working time was 9:00am - 3:00pm. One day she was exhausted from working so hard Mary was walking home from work well it was still daylight. 

A insane scientist came out of nowhere and took her and she passed out. She was so surprised when she woke up she was in a room full of chemicals , microscopes and magnifying glasses. She said “ What are you doing to me’’ then he said I am Max the scientist. But the one thing Mary didn’t notice was that Max was an insane scientist. He took her to Mt Kosciuszko. 

A super hero named Superman had a bad feeling about Mt Kosciuszko so he flew there. Before Superman arrived at Mt Kosciuszko they were already at the top. Mary screamed for help but none heard her accept superman. Max pushed Mary off the mountain. Mary screamed because she was about to die. Superman flew as fast as he could to save Mary.

He saved Mary in time because she nearly hit the ground. Furthermore she said “who are you’’ he said I am “Superman’’. She thanked superman so much. A few minutes after that she said wow Superman look at your muscles. To be continued. He will continue saving the world from evil people in the next story.

 Walt: write a narrative that is descriptive (paints a picture in the reader's mind)