Thursday, 14 June 2018

Camp recount

Every year at Pt England School the Yr 8’s go off to a leadership camp to enjoy heaps of activities and leadership opportunities for 3 days. But this year we headed for Kauaeranga Christian camp in Thames.

The camp had activities that they would normally have at a camp but their were activities that you wouldn’t expect they would have like go karting rifles and even… Paintballing. Have you ever done paintballing before? I have and when I went paintballing the paintball felt like a bruise when it hit me because we were using guns. But this time we were using slingshots.

It was finally my groups turn Kauegrana A to go to paintball. When we got to paintball we were ready to start so our instructor Prince took us through on what we had to do. As we were about to start I had shivers down my spine. We got put in groups so then my team went to one end and the other group to the other end. Then all I heard was screaming it was from the other team trying to shoot at us but luckily we had cover from the tyers that were their.

I head the paintballs splashing onto the tyers, then I got my paintball put it in my slingshot and was ready to fire. But I hesitated for a second, then I got up and took the shot. I was looking on the side of the tyres and saw the other team firing at the team I was in then I slowly crept to the next tyers and was trying to aim for some of the people but it kept going over their head. After a few shots I could hear Prince saying ‘‘ it’s 2 on 2 ‘’. It was me and my friend and these 2 boys. I got up then I got shot it hurted not has bad as it would of if it was a gun, I wanted to give up but I felt sorry for my friend so I kept going.

Me and my friend rushed towards the 2 boys and got them out, we ended up being the winners. If we ever play paintball again i’m gonna wear thicker clothes so It don’t hurt as much.