Wednesday, 20 April 2016

My 1st day at N4L

On Wednesday the 20th of April I went to a place called N4L because me and my friend Paige went to a course Runned by a teacher named Ms Muliaumasiali down at TE ORO in Glenn Innes. When we started this course we had a expert game designer come in and help us. He is a expert because he creates  games using gamefroot. Gamefroot is a online game creation tool.

There was a few students that turned up on the day for the course. Then when the course finished a few months later Ms Muliaumasiali asked the students that went to the course if we could come back for one more day and create another game to pick  2 winners to go to Wellington and 2 winners to go to N4L. So after 1 more course me and Paige got picked to go to N4L.

On the first day me and Paige had to meet at Pt England school and wait for 2 ladies named Vinia and Sian to pick us up. They took us to the company they work at. Next they took us  to 3 people that would look after us and help us create something. Ther were 2 that me and paige could pick from. They were to create a game or a app . The 2 options me and paige could pick was a app. Then we had to write down some ideas of what kind of app we want to create . We both came up with 2  ideas each. My ideas were sports teams and maths and Paige's ideas were a eviorment group and science. Furthermore we bothe wrote our ideas down on a big white board.

We both got 4 sticky notes and we had to stick it on what category we want, we pick every single one , it got down to 3 sticky notes and then sports was out  , it got to 2 stick notes and then maths went out after that it got down to 1 sticky note and the final category that we picked was science we had to pick something based on science and we picked volcanoes. Moreover we wrote ideas down about volcanoes and how they Are formed. After doing a lot of thinking it was morning tea.

For morning tea Vinia took us down to a place called hollywood and me and paige got to pick some thing to eat I pick a chocolate danish and Paige pick a rocky road we also both got hot chips and drinks and vinia brought some brownies for some of the staff, after she brought it we said "thank you so much``.

When we finished eating we picked off from where we left off. Then we were drawing amazing pictures on what we want our app to do or what it will look like . Probably a few minutes later we had a stand up metting and a few staff came and told us what they do. It was lunch time after the stand up metting. For lunch we had huge pizzas from sal's. Here is a picture of 1 of the  pizzas.

After lunch we had 1 hour left and in half of the hour we finished drawing and in the other half of the hour we had afternoon tea. For after noon tea we just had a little snack like a fruit , musili bar or a little chips. After that they dropped us off home and we had fun and it was a great day.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

My Promoting Maungarei

If you walk around Mt Wellington Mountain you will see lots of angles of Panmure  One Tree Hill , Glen Innes , Rangitoto and Mt Eden.
If you're trying to look for directions to get to Mt Wellington here are some. Mount Wellington is a suburb in East Auckland, New Zealand. When you walk around you will see a plate and it says ow far  Mt Wellington is to One Tree Hill , Mt Eden , Panmure and Glen Innes.

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My Interview Talk

Walt: use strategies to process and understand the text
Walt: identify and evaluate a variety of language features the author has used in the text.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

My Volcano Animation

We are learning about volcanoes. I have created a movie showing a volcano erupting. Planet Earth is made up with different layers of rocks. It has a magma chamber , a  core , the main vents the secondary vents and a created. Planet earth has tectonic plates that shift , it causes a earthquake on earth and then it makes a volcanos erupt. After that their is magma that moves up the main vent and through the secondary vents.Then it comes out of the volcano. It also creates ash clouds , lava and lava bombs.   Thanks for watching , hope you have enjoyed

Voting On The NZ Flag

Walt: share a range of viewpoints about why the NZ flag should or should not be changed.
Walt:  gain an understanding of the voting process undertaken to make decisions for NZ.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

My Compare and Contrast

WALT: Make a compare and contrast between How I learned in our days and how my Grandparents or parents learnt    in the olden days. We also had to write similarities and a overall. I really learned a lot from this.

Friday, 1 April 2016

My Telling Time

Walt: Tell Time in Hours. On the second slide you will see a video and you can watch it. On the 3rd slide it tells you if its half past or quater past and stuff.

MTV Extension Group

Ata Group MTV from Team 4 PES on Vimeo.

This term the extension kids have been given a task to create a MTV movie based on the Pt England Way , Learn create and share  and also Make Kindness Go Viral. We have created this in the past 5 weeks. The actors in the movie are Paige , Samoa , Joshua , Atareita and I Sheales. If you  don't know what I am talking about check out this movie then you will know. Please feel free to leave a comment or a question. Hope you Enjoy!!