Monday, 26 November 2018

Rubric Learn Part 1

Lady Pink uses colour, shape & line. The message in her artwork is that She is focusing her artwork on empowering women.  In this artwork she has done graffiti and written half of her name ( PINK ). In this artwork some of the elements in it are, colour, shape and line.
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Friday, 2 November 2018

Algebra 3

Accomplishable Algebra
We are learning to identify the rule for a pattern of numbers

Multiplication practice:

56 ➗ 8 = 7        72 ➗ 9 = 8     44 ➗ 11 =4
45 ➗ 9 = 5             64 ➗ 8 = 8 56 ➗ 7 =8
35 ➗ 5 =  7 144 ➗ 12 = 12         27 ➗ 3 =9
82 = 64                 92 = 81                    72 =     49      
62 =     36

Finding the rule:
What are the next numbers in the pattern? What is the rule for the pattern?

The rule is: n x 3 + 1
The 20th number in the pattern is 61

The rule is: n x 5 - 1
The 100th number in the pattern is 499

The rule is: n x n x n
The 10th number in the pattern is= 100

The rule is: n x 7 + 1
The 100th number in the pattern is 701

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Perfect Perimeter

WALT:  calculate  area and perimeter 

Here you can see that I have answered these questions on this presentation to the best of my ability.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Rewriting a song

Here you can see that I have tried my best to rewrite a song into my own lyrics it's not that great bug I tried. When I had to rewrite the song it had to be about fitness, the song I chose was all about that bass.

Because you know I'm all about that bass
'Bout that bass, no treble
I'm all about that bass
'Bout that bass, no treble
Because you know I'm all about that bass
'Bout that bass, no treble I’m all about my weight bout my brain brain brain
Yeah, it's pretty clear, I ain't no size two
But I can shake it, shake it, like I'm supposed to do
'Cause I got that boom boom that all the boys chase
And all the right junk in all the right places

My version

Because you know I’m all about my weight and my brain no trouble
Because you know I’m all about my weight and my brain no trouble
Because you know I’m all about my weight and my brain no trouble I’m all about my weight and my brain brain brain brain

Yeah it’s pretty clear I need to concentrate so 
I can stay straight too and not go over weight
Cause I go them zumba moves that everyone can chase 

It can help with my mental state and also my heart rate.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Physical Activity

Do you think it is good to be physically active? I reckon it is because you can stay healthy fit and you can be energetic. Being physically active is really good for you.

1 benefit to Exercise is that it can be fun and social. Exercise and physical activity can be enjoyable for people .Being physically active can really help you enjoy it and relax if it makes you happy.  Physical activity can also help connect with your family and can make you bond more.

Another benefit is that physical activity controls your weight. What I mean by this is that by exercising or be physically active can burn fat in your body. It can actually make you lose weight. You maybe thinking that how can this be that’s exactly what I was thinking. But it really works.

By being physically active it can help you stay healthy and not get sick. If you not being active you can get serious heart conditions and even get deadly diseases. Who would want that right? By staying active you have a high chance of not being sick this is only if you stay active often.

If your someone that thinks that your not active, or doesn't want to get sick or even doesn't want any heart problems then consider these ideas to help you stay physically active, healthy and even fit. If you need more idea or even information then do some research. After considering these ideas you may be surprised on how much healthier you are or even how fit you are. Believe you can do it!!

Monday, 2 July 2018

Force & Motion in room 3

This term team five has been learning about Force and Motion. The reason why we are learning about Force and Motion is because it helps us to understand what force and motion means and for others to understand as well. 

My group and I only had two ideas, and we couldn’t decide which experiment to do. Our first idea was the Marshmallow Shooter. Then our second idea was the Water Transporter. They were the only two ideas my group and I could think of. 

Our first one we did was a Marshmallow shooter and our second one was called The Water Transporter. We tried the marshmallow shooter first outside, and that was a success. Then our second experiment was the Water Transporter, it was also a success. But the issue was that the water transporter took a bit longer than we thought it would. 

Was our experiment Successful or was it a failure? Well both of our experiments we tried was a success. Why? Because my group and I followed the instructions carefully, and also my group and I listened very well and knew what we were doing. So I think my group and I did a successful job at our experiment. 

Next time we will be more prepared to bring our own equipment and make sure to be ready before the day we present our experiment. Next time we need to come up with more ideas and listen to what other people come up with. 

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Camp recount

Every year at Pt England School the Yr 8’s go off to a leadership camp to enjoy heaps of activities and leadership opportunities for 3 days. But this year we headed for Kauaeranga Christian camp in Thames.

The camp had activities that they would normally have at a camp but their were activities that you wouldn’t expect they would have like go karting rifles and even… Paintballing. Have you ever done paintballing before? I have and when I went paintballing the paintball felt like a bruise when it hit me because we were using guns. But this time we were using slingshots.

It was finally my groups turn Kauegrana A to go to paintball. When we got to paintball we were ready to start so our instructor Prince took us through on what we had to do. As we were about to start I had shivers down my spine. We got put in groups so then my team went to one end and the other group to the other end. Then all I heard was screaming it was from the other team trying to shoot at us but luckily we had cover from the tyers that were their.

I head the paintballs splashing onto the tyers, then I got my paintball put it in my slingshot and was ready to fire. But I hesitated for a second, then I got up and took the shot. I was looking on the side of the tyres and saw the other team firing at the team I was in then I slowly crept to the next tyers and was trying to aim for some of the people but it kept going over their head. After a few shots I could hear Prince saying ‘‘ it’s 2 on 2 ‘’. It was me and my friend and these 2 boys. I got up then I got shot it hurted not has bad as it would of if it was a gun, I wanted to give up but I felt sorry for my friend so I kept going.

Me and my friend rushed towards the 2 boys and got them out, we ended up being the winners. If we ever play paintball again i’m gonna wear thicker clothes so It don’t hurt as much.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Fractions Finale presentation

Fractions Finale

Fractions Finale

I want to add ½ with ¼. First I change ½ to    then I add

⅓ + ⅙. ⅓ =  2/6 + ⅙ = 3/6 or 1/2

¼ + ⅛.  ¼ = 2/8 + ⅛ = 3/8

How can I change ⅔ into sixths ( 4/6)?

How can I change ⅔ into twelfths ( 8/12)

⅓ + ¼ = 7/12

⅓ +  ¼ = 7/12

⅓ + ⅕ = 8/15

⅓ +  ⅕ =8/15

⅙ + ⅛ = 7/24
⅙ + ⅛ = 7/24

⅓ + 1/7 = 10/21

¼ + ⅕ = 9/20

⅓ + ⅖ = 11/15

1/10 + 1/100 = 11/100

1/10 + 1/1000 = 101/1000

Monday, 21 May 2018

Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent Fractions!
We are learning to add and subtract fractions with
like and unlike denominators.

What is ½ of ¼? 1/8

What is ⅓ of ⅕? 1/15

What is ½ of 20? 10

What is ⅕ of 20? 4

What is ⅓ of 30? 10

What is ⅘ of 20? 16

½ + ½ = 1 whole

5/12 + 4/12 = 3/4

½ + ¼ = 3/4

⅓ + ⅙ = ½

¼ + ⅛ = 3/8

¼ + ⅝ = 7/8

¼ + 3/16 = 7/16

⅕ + 1/30 = 7/30

Levi has ¾ of a bag of lollies. If he is given another 3/12 of a bag,
what fraction of a bag will he have?  1 whole

If there were 32 lollies in the whole bag, how many lollies does Levi have?
32 lollies

Bob has a 3 3/4 metre of length of wood. He cuts off 2 1/3 metres.
What length of wood is left?  1 5/12

Fresh fractions

            Fresh Fractions
We are learning to find fractions of a whole and of a set.
We are learning to add and subtract fractions

What is 1/4 of 4?  1

What is ¼ of 8?    2

What is ⅓ of 6?    2

What is 2/6 of 12?  4

What is ¼ of 20?   5

What is 1/10 of 20 ?  2

What is ⅔ of 30?  20

What is ⅕ of 25?   5

5 of my friends are sharing a large chocolate bar.
What fraction of the bar would they get each?   ⅕ each

4 of us are sharing a chocolate cake. What do we cut it up into?

12 of us are sharing a chocolate cake. What do we cut it up into?

I have 5/16 of a cake at a birthday party.
I keep going back for more and eat another  6/16 of a cake.

What fraction of a cake have I eaten altogether?
I have 10/21 of a cake left over from the party.
Then I give 6/21 of a cake to my sisters.
What fraction of a cake do I have left over?

⅓ + ⅔ = 1

¾ + ¾ = 1 2/4

⅕ + ⅗ = 4/5

⅘ - ⅗ = 1/5

5/10 - 1/10 = 4/10

55/60 - 40/60 = 15/60

12/20 + 17/20 = 5/20

Have a go at these!

½ + 3/4 =  1 1/4

2/6 + ⅔ = 1

⅕ + 2/10 = ⅖

2/6 + 4/12 = ⅔

2/5 + 3/15 = ⅗

1/9 + 1/18 = ⅙

2/9 + 4/18 = 4/9

Friday, 4 May 2018

Weekly blog - Article

This week I learned about things that have been going on around the world. Here is some information that I found out the 1st one was that a countdown security guard died because a teenage boy punched him in the head because the security guard was suspicious about his behavior. Another article I read was about a white kiwi that missed his birthday because he had an infection. Reading this about the world is really good so that you can be aware about the things that are going on and so that you can be prepared.


Today rm 2 & 3 girls went to take some swimming lesson down and G.I pools. The reason we went swimming is because in the future we may not know how to swim and then we might drowned but since we are taking these lesson we will know hoe to swim. It is important to know how to swim so got to you local pools and learn how to swim or even if you want swimming lesson you can also go down to the pool.