Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Marking Paragraph

Marking My Paragraph
What I need to do:Explained for me:My Mark out of 5
1.CONTENTI have a key idea in the first paragraph sentence - supported by details in following sentences.The paragraph is about ONE main idea. The idea has detail in the next sentences.5
2.SENTENCE BEGINNINGSI’ve carefully chosen vocabulary and clauses as sentence beginnings.Sentences begin differently. Sentences begin in interesting ways using 'Adverbial Clauses'.3
3.VARIETY OF SENTENCESI’ve carefully chosen a variety of sentence types lengths complexities.Sentences are different lengths (sizes). Some sentences are Complex (long with detail), some Simple (short and powerful).5
4.VOCABULARYI’ve carefully chosen clever vocabulary and have used it appropriately.The right words (key vocab) have been used to add detail and say exactly what you mean, and make sense.5

Language uses the right tenses and vocab.
Writing makes sense. The right tenses ( past, present, future) and vocabulary (interesting words) are used in the right place.4
6.PUNCTUATIONSentences are clear with appropriate punctuation.Capitals are used for sentences beginnings.
Capitals are used for proper nouns (names of people and places).
Full stops are used at the end of sentences.
Commas, question marks, speech marks and exclamation marks used in the right places ( . , ! ? " ").
TOTAL 29 /30

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My 5th Birthday

On my 5th birthday we had some challenges and prizes if you won. My whole family came and we had it at our house.

First we played egg race and  Me and my sisters and my cousins played. We had to get a spoon and put a egg on it and I was the only one who didn’t lose.

The next game we played was relay and my team came second and we had treats for our trophy. For the egg race the trophy was a big chocolate bar.

After playing all those games we ate. Then we ate some chocolate mud cake with ice-cream and fruitsalad. I felt so happy and it was the best day ever.

Thursday, 19 February 2015


I am going to explain to you how you can you use your WITS can help you by not getting in trouble and not going on detention not hitting that other person back and other stuff. Also at Pt england school we use our WITS if you get in trouble.

W is for walk away and that means if someone is in trouble you could tell them to walk away. Also nobody will get hurt. You should walk away during a fight.

I is for Ignore it. For Example : If someone swears to you you could just ignore them. You can also not listen to them if there saying mean words.

T is for talk about it means if someone is arguing with you can just talk with them. If your friend is being mean to you you can just talk about it and say is were still friends.

S is for seek help it means if someone is going to have a fight with you can just call a teacher. When someone is hurt and they are really sore you can seek help.

By using your WITS it can help you a lot If you're in trouble. Also did you know that at Pt England school we use The three p’s which stand for Partnership,Protection and participation.

Screenshot 2015-02-19 at 10.12.54 AM.png

Partners Name
Explanation Writing Assessment

Needs work
Getting there
Got it!
No title or title doesn't have to do with the topic.
Title has to do with the topic but doesn't give very much information. (e.g. “Snails.”).
Title gives information about what the explanation will tell you (e.g. “How snails eat.”).
Explanation is not broken into paragraphs.
Explanation has paragraphs but it does not have one idea per paragraph.
Explanation has one idea per paragraph, and includes an introduction and summary.
There are no special words that relate to your topic.
There are some special words that relate to your topic, but some are missing.
All the special words that relate to your topic are there.
Doesn't use joining words like because or so to show cause and effect.
Doesn't use timeless present tense.
Sometimes uses joining words to show cause and effect. Mostly uses timeless present tense.
Uses joining words to show cause and effect whenever this is needed. Always uses timeless present tense.
Explanation of events is not in sequence.
Explanation of events is mostly in sequence.
Explanation of events is in sequence.
Hardly ever uses full stops, commas and capital letters correctly.
Usually uses capital letters, commas and full stops correctly.
Almost always or always uses capital letters, commas and full stops correctly.

My next step is (Cut and paste something you have not yet got here)

Friday, 13 February 2015

valentines words

S is for Special
T is for Thoughtful
A is for Amazing
C is for Caring
E is for Excellent
Y is for Yippie

P is for Positive
A is for Awesome
I is for intelligent
G is for Good
E is for Exciting

S is for Super
H is for Happy
E is for Epic
A is for Amazing
L is for Love
E is for Excellent
S is for Sensible

My friends Make me happy all the time and I always see a smile on their faces.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

My holiday up north

In the holidays we went up North with my sister, brother, dad and aunty. We went for  3 weeks. We went for a family holiday to see my dads family.

On New Years we had a bomb fire. We had a bomb fire at night.  We got branches and broken trees and  big bomb fire. Well the fire was still going my aunt's and uncle’s lite some fireworks.

After that we went back to our house up north and we had our own little fire and we were roasting marshmallows.
The next day we went swimming also we saw jellyfish and we could touch them and pick them up. At the same time they didn’t sting because they were the pink jellyfish and my aunty said that only the purple jellyfish sting.

On the second to last day we had a BBQ after that we got up in the morning packed our stuff and then went to go say goodbye to our family I felt happy that we spent time with our family.

Screenshot 2015-02-04 at 10.21.47 AM.pngThe End Hope you enjoy.