Thursday, 23 April 2015

Going to One Tree Hill

During the school holiday My aunty came from Australia and we were so excited.

Then on Sunday we went to one tree hill for my Aunt's last time in new zealand we we arrived at One tree hill we had to get all the food out of the car and go find a picnic table. Who went was Me, My Parents, My siblings, My Aunts, My Uncles and My Cousin.

When we found a picnic table Me and My Cousin went back to the car and got out the mats and took it to my mum. After that she set it them both out and then we played lollie hunt. I didn’t play because I had to take photo. I was also hiding the lollies with my Aunty. Further more When we finish hiding them we said “ Go Find the lollies’’. I think my Sister cheated because she was looking.

Next we were playing some games. The games we were playing were Touch, Rugby and Octopus. Moreover When we played touch we had to get into teams and my Captain was my cousin Raquel. She pick Me and My Sister. The captain for the other team was my baby sister in her team  was my two other cousins. Every time we scored a try the other team always scored a try after us.
Moreover we had lunch. For Lunch we had Salad, Steak and Ribs.

As the sun was going down we were packing up and My family said goodbye to my aunty because she was going back to Australia. I had The best Time with my Aunty. What I enjoyed the most is spending time with my family
I hope my Aunty will come back to New Zealand because the left on Tuesday the 21st of April 2015.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Learning how to upload a video

With Mrs Jacobsen and Mr Baxendine we were learning how to upload a video to our drive from an Ipad. Then from our drive how to put the video on our blogs.
First you get an Ipad. Then you make a video. After that we went on our class drive and there was a little plus so then we pushed on it and picked our video. Then we went on our Chromebooks and went on our drives and went to the media folder we put it in our own Movie folder. Then we went to our blogs and the posted it.

Here is our video teaching you how to do this. Hope you learn a lot.