Wednesday, 9 December 2015

My Ambassadors Application

Hi my name is Sheales and I am a Year 5 student at Pt England School. In maths this year I have learnt my basic facts properly, which has helped me when I am confused or stuck.  In reading I have learnt that when you have to retell a story to make sure that you read that story over and over again to give you a good idea of it. In writing I have learnt that you have to use punctuation and that you need to hook in your reader when you are writing a story. Also before I write a story I need to make sure that I have one big Idea or even a brainstorm.

In term 4 the theme was PES Survivors. If you look through my blog you will see an animation I have created. My animal is a coyote and it lives in the desert. In my animation it shows what my animal looks like in it natural environment. Then through my animation you will see how my animal has to change to survive in a new environment, which is the Arctic.

When I finish my learning I share it on my blog to show people how and what I learn at school. Next year, if I become an ambassador it will give me a chance to show my learning to visitors and will be a way that I can represent my school. So that is why I am applying to be an Ambassador for Pt England School.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

My reflection with rose and the bees

Did you know that on Thursday the 3rd of December a lady named Rose came to the year 5 and 6 extension class? We had an experience to look at bees in their beehive. Did you also know that I could see honey? Rose came in with some photos. Almost all the flowers had bees on it. I saw quite a few queen bees in the photos. She was telling us about why you shouldn’t weed kill your garden in the daytime you should use weed killer  when all the bees are sleeping.

There was also 1 drone bee and the rest were worker bees.
Rose was telling us about a Vespula germanica which is a german wasp. They kill a lot of bees. Bees are the only insects in the world that makes food for humans. There is 1 queen bee per hive. Before there is a queen bee the drone bees get a young female bee and they feed it royal jelly and that is how there is a queen bee. A Queen bee will fly around and all the drone bees will follow.

When the queen bees settle the drone bees will find a hole in a tree or a house and they will stay there. Bees can be found anywhere like your garden trees and more. We also had an experience to hold a honeycomb which was dried with grubs inside it.  The only 2 things that i wondered about the beehive was, why was there was only 1 drone bee and no queen bees? Please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for reading.