Friday, 17 March 2017

The half and hour Polyfest wait

On Thursday the 16th of March 2017 we went on a trip to polyfest. We didn’t just go to polyfest to watch people perform we went there to learn new things. This post is a reflection of what we did yesterday.

As we got to polyfest we were looking around to see what was happening. Then we hand to sit down. We waited so long for other schools to come that I almost fell asleep. But luckily the last school arrived. After That our teacher were introducing us our tour people. Tour people are people that show you around somewhere you have never been before.
During the day we went to a stage and music was playing so me and friends were dancing to the songs. As we were dancing out of nowhere these college girls came and were dancing with us. Some of the people who were playing the songs were from NIU FM. They announced that they were going to hold a dance battle. As we were dancing we didn’t get picked, but we didn’t care because we were having fun. Our Parent helper was my friend Kerstein's Mum , and in our group were were me Kerstein, Aneelis , Alisha and Angel.

Just before we were leaving we went to go get a Moko and take a photo. We hand to wait in this long line for the photo booth. Then we were supposed to get together at 2.00. We were the last ones to get there but luckily we made it in time. At the end of the day I had fun at Polyfest and I hope to go back soon. Polyfest is a really exciting place.

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