Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Helping other people

Hi this is my explanation about world vision. What I mean by world vision is other people on the other side of the world may not have food or clothes of shoes , where people like us we just waste the things that we have where we should actually appreciate what we have.
Once there were two high school students that went on a holiday to Samoa. When they arrived back to New Zealand, they had an Idea to send some resources back to Samoa, because they saw how they learnt and they compared it to how we learn here. The two high school girls names were Kelsi and Aleisha.

They wrote and sent letters to a primary school in feilding to see if they had any resources left. Then they asked the teachers at their school if they had any access to any books or resources. One of the girl's mum worked at their school and she had access to old books and journals that they didn’t use anymore, Aleisha’s little sister helped too.

Kelsi and Aleisha went to OfficeMax and asked them if they hand any left over papers and things, to use  for a good course so that the could send them back to Samoa. They also could provided computers.
Furthermore they spent 2 days trying to find a way to to ship the stuff to Samoa and they eventually found a way. When other people heard about what we're doing they helped shipped the stuff to Samoa for free which was a big help. All of the equipment arrived at Samoa safely and now they have more resources than they did before. Now the student in Samoa can learn better.

They must be heroes now since they helped in Samoa a lot I really think that some people in Samoa are really thankful. Kelsi and Aleisha are back to what they use to do . I hope they do this again. The reason why they are doing this is because in Samoa they only have 1 book and 1 scissors between all of their student in their class. Sometimes they have to fundraise by themselves to get more equipment and resources.
Here is the video of what these girls did

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