Friday, 10 June 2016

My Avengers Assemble writing

On a Sunny beautiful day Karen was at the beach because she had  the day off from her part time job as a undercover agent. She had this chip that hand power in it and she had to protect it from a villain named joker.

That day Karen was walking home from the beach when joker came out of nowhere and was asking Karen where is the chip but she never told. After That he kidnapped her. Karen was so frightened that she remembered that she hand her phone in her pocket she rang black widow and the avenger and was telling her about joker. She called back up because she new that joker was so evil. After calling she left the phone on so they can hear everything he says. When joker heard people talking he got angry and took karen away to somewhere else.

He took karen’s phone away and they went to jokers layer. He left his helpers there and black widow sent Hulk to go check out the place where karen was last at. When hulk arrived there he slammed one of joker's helpers against the wall and he told where joker took karen. Karen was so frightened and scared she didn’t know what to do. Joker was hassling her saying “where is the chip’’ she said “I don’t have it I left it at work”. 

Furthermore he started threatening her. Hulk advent truly  found her and they locked up joker so he wouldn’t get the chip. Moreover they were questioning joker saying “why do you want the chip so badly” he didn’t answer so they just locked him up. The avengers hide the chip away so none would ever find it. Karen thanked the avengers so much they said “that's what we do”.

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  1. You have created a creative and exciting piece of writing for your audience, Sheales! I really like how you are starting to use some really descriptive language to help paint a picture in your audience's mind.