Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Immersion assenbly

KAPOW , BANG , KAPOOF yes I am talking about comics and comic art. If you're thinking what kind of comics I am talking about well they are Marvel and DC. But First we had a Immersion assembly team 4 made a movie. The movie was about superheroes. The Superheroes were called  Team leader America , Wondering woman , Bat Guy , The Amauteur heroes and Bear Baxendine.

The movie was about all the superheroes bear baxendine was going into a classroom stealing Bobby- Jon’s Chromebook. Next he was sitting on a rubbish bin and the amauteur heroes saw him . So they went to go try beat him up but bear baxendine defeated them. After that Bat guy went to go save the amauteur heroes and  Team leader america and wondering woman went to go defeat bear baxendine at last bear baxendine was in jail.

A while after one of the amateur heroes said to bat guy ‘‘wow bat guy your muscles’’. A while after Wondering woman said ‘‘Eh hmm’’ so then she had bigger muscles then bat guy and he felt ashamed.

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