Monday, 11 May 2015

My Game Review

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Game Review
WALT: Give reasons to support our opinions.

What is a good game to play?
You’re the expert so let me know…
Try to convince the reader to agree with your opinion.

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Your Task:
  1. Make a copy of this Doc and put it in your writing folder.
  2. Go to and pick one game to play.
  3. Play it 3 times.
  4. Write a review for the game - Use the template below and fill in the gaps
  5. Share your review on your blog and blog log
  6. Review another game if you want.

WARNING: Once you start this task you must finish it!

Game Review by the famous Sheales

Name of Game: Run 2

How do you score/ win: You don’t win you go past as many levels as you can.

Difficulty: 0/10

Fun: 10/10

  • 2 sentences about what the game is. What you have to do.
  • 1 sentences about why you would or wouldn’t recommend this game to a friend.
  • 2 sentences giving reasons your opinions (why you think what you think).

The point of the game  is you have to pass as much levels as you can because the is gaps that you can fall through and die you can also have as much lives as you want.

I would tell a friend to play this game because this game is really cool and you can go to many levels.

You can play this game at any time but if you're at school you can play it in your free time.

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