Friday, 15 May 2015

Major Earthquake in Nepal!!!

This is breaking News and sad News about a huge Earthquake in Nepal!!? Also Known as the Gorkha earthquake.

My Name is Sheales I finished this on the 13th of May on a wednesday.

The magnitude 7.8 quake struck on Saturday evening New Zealand time. It was near the capital, Kathmandu, and has killed more than 1,900 people and destroyed infrastructure, homes and historical buildings. 8,000 people died  and more than 16,000 people were injured and  24.000 classrooms got destroyed also there was 10 out of 9 schools that got  destroyed. After 22 hours a baby got saved. A week later a 101 year old man was saved.Some people are lucky to be Alive and saved.

About 100 New Zealanders lived in Nepal and some of the New Zealanders died. Maybe when they were walking by the ground was shaking and the ground was breaking. Today on Wednesday the 13th of May there was another big Earthquake but it was a 7.3 Magnitude earthquake in Nepal again. On Mt Everest people were climbing it and then the Mountain was shaking and killed 19 people Died . Countries all over the world are donating Money. Please Help the people in Nepal.

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