Thursday, 4 August 2016

The men's 100m race

The crowd screaming and shouting, their cameras flashing in a blink of an eye. Some of the world's fastest athletes were competing in the men’s 100m race final. At first they were stretching and getting ready. You could hear the crowd screaming and shouting, their flash off their cameras going wild. They walked to their positions. Their faces looked really competitive and determined.

Then they started walking to their starting positions, and got ready to race. They looked down and all of a sudden it went quiet. Usain Bolt did a cross to God to hope to win. Someone said ‘‘on your marks’’ the athletes looked up. ‘‘Get set... GO’’. All the athletes zoomed as fast as they could. Justin Gatlin was leading the men’s 100m race but then suddenly Usain bolt made a come back and came first with the seconds of 9.63 Yohan blake coming second with the seconds of 9.75 and Justin Gatlin coming third with the seconds of 9.79.

Usain Bolt looked happy when he won. He ran down the track looking at all the supporters. After that he stopped and did his winning pose. He got down to the ground and kissed it and he got up. Furthermore Bolt looked back and saw his team mate Yohan. Then they hugged. As they were walking he also high fived his fans and were hugging some of them. Gatlin was holding his flag and looking and all the supporters. All the other athletes looked disappointed that they didn’t win. They all tried their best but that just wasn’t enough to come 1st 2nd or 3rd.

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