Saturday, 27 August 2016

Explanation Writing - Technology as a Performance Enhancing Drug

Here I have written some ideas based on performance enhancing drugs. Technology can be considered cheating because it is unfair for other athletes. How technology is similar to performance-enhancing drug.
Technology can be considered cheating because it is unfair for other athletes. First technology can make less able and able athlete’s become faster than they actually are. So that gives an unfair advantage to other athletes that are not using technology. Technology and performance-enhancing drugs used to be in the olympics from the beginning of the olympics. For example when athletes are doing sprints they have shoes which have spikes on them to grip into the tracks which can also be called as aerodynamics. Now in our days people are thinking about banning  technology in the olympics because it is the same as performance enhancing drug.
Why is technology allowed in the olympics but performance-enhancing drugs is not. The reason why I think technology should be banned is because it is similar to performance-enhancing drugs. Technology can help athletes become faster than they actually are but technology can also help athletes beat world records. So why isn’t performance-enhancing drugs allowed in the olympics when it’s similar to technology.
Technology can be seen as cheating because it’s just like performance-enhancing drugs but it is different because performance enhancing drugs can do something to your body but technology only helps the outside of your body and how you do

Walt: write an effective explanation about why technology can be considered a performance-enhancing drug
Walt: understand multiple perspectives and write with these in mind

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