Friday, 1 July 2016

My Paul Martin Work

Guess What? Well on Wednesday the 22nd of June someone Famous came to our school. But Instead he came to Team 4, his name is Paul Martin. He use to play for the chiefs but then he retired and now he’s creates books. His first book was called The Adventures of Cory the flight of the kiwi, he write this book when he was in france well playing rugby.

At first we had a Team assembly. In the Middle of our Team assembly Paul Martin walked into our class. My Mouth was dry as soon as he walked in I was filled with excitement and inspiration as he was talking. Next I had to say a speech to him based on the words like,we hope you feel welcomed and you are treated with respect on the day and you come back soon.

During the time he was here, he taught me that whenever you want to draw and you don’t know what to draw, before you start it is a good idea to write down ideas so you have an rough idea of what to draw.Then nearly coming toward lunchtime he grabbed a couple of kids and he was sketching kory the kiwi. First he did it lightly and then he was making look realistic. He inspired me about how to draw.

I would like to say a big Thankyou to Paul Martin for coming in and spending time with the team 4 block.He inspired children that day to be confident when you draw.

We had Paul Martin come in and give us tips about drawing. Walt: write a recount
Walt: clearly communicate our ideas and use personal voice in our writing

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