Tuesday, 5 July 2016

My Artwork & Narrative

As you can see I have created a artwork for extension. I also wrote a narrative to go with it. Here is my narrative.

                                      My Warrior Narrative.

There was once a beautiful young princess warrior called Siale who lived in a village in the Pacific. Even though she was a princess, she would always protect her village from danger. She was so brave that she would even fight people who were much larger and stronger. Her best features were her loyalty and strength. Siale lived in a beautiful village that was isolated from other villages. It was located near the sea so that the villagers could easily collect and catch food.
One day Siale was talking to her siblings when suddenly out of the blue she had a strange feeling. She dashed to her fale telling her family ‘‘I have a really a strange feeling that something is about to happen’’. Next she told the guards to go to the look out. Afterwards they thought that they had seen nothing, but then they had another look and they saw what they thought were their worst enemies coming towards them.
The guards quickly called out for help and everyone was worried.  Siale's mouth felt dry and her hands became sweaty as soon as she saw her worst enemies entering her village. Terrified, she had nothing to say or do, except face them.  The guards and men from the village were ready to fight.

Everyone stood still waiting for the battle to begin. Then a powerful looking warrior came to the front. Siale looked in shock as she realised that it was her long lost brother. They were going to have a battle but they didn’t. Instead they just shook hands and then hugged. Siale couldn’t believe what had just happened. Now it was time for the village to celebrate.

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