Thursday, 25 June 2015

My story about a Wizard and a magical Lamp

Once upon a time there lived a wizard who worked for a king who lived in a castle
He worked for an obnoxious king because every time people visited the king, they would eat and the smart,  intelligent wizard would put on a show and do magic tricks. Then one day the wizard went for a walk in the forest and he found a magic lamp, it was so magical that if you rub it and wish for something it will come true.

Furthermore the next day he lost his wand. He went looking for it all over the castle and he also asked the king, the king's wife and the king's daughter. But then he remembered he had the light magical lamp. He then rubbed it and wished that he could have another wand and his wish came true.

Then he went for another walk, and saw posters  of the magical lamp he had. Moreover on the poster there was a number if anyone found it, the reward was $2,000, he went home and got the magical lamp and then he went back to the poster and rang the number and he said I have found your Lamp and then they came to collect it. There daughter was happy when she saw the lamp because it belonged to her and the wizard gave it back to her and she said thank you.

Hoped you enjoyed my story…..

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