Thursday, 18 June 2015

My Story About a man in space

A spaceman walks out into the icy milky way when he went into space he went to collect space rocks and crystals. As he got to space he saw all the other planets, but he was probably amazed because he saw the milky way.  He landed on the moon and saw rocks floating so he grabbed them, but he never saw any crystals.  he put the rocks into his pocket he put 5 in his pocket. Then Before he went back on land he went thru the milky way portal. Then he was sleeping and then he woke up and he noticed that he was in France. The a lot of people were crowding him and where speaking a different language and  he noticed that he was in France because there flag looked different to a new Zealand flag.

Then he got up and reached into his pocket to get the space rocks but they weren’t there then he thought probably when he went through the portal the rocks disappeared. Further more he met a man that spoke English and french, that man helped him look for a man that could help the Russian man get back to space so he could collect his rocks again. Moreover the man let him use the rocket but he needed to find another space suit and another space helmet he also took a pipe that oxygen in nit to help him breath. After that  he put on the space suit and the space helmet then he got into the rocket, before he got into the rocket ’’he said thank you to the man who helped him and he said he didn't get your name and the man said his name is Eric, then he blasted off into space.

When he got to space he landed on the moon and he saw the rocks again. As fast as he can he jumped over and grabbed the rocks. Then he went back down to earth all the way to New Zealand. He then took the rocks to his house and kept it.

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