Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Marking Paragraph

Marking My Paragraph
What I need to do:Explained for me:My Mark out of 5
1.CONTENTI have a key idea in the first paragraph sentence - supported by details in following sentences.The paragraph is about ONE main idea. The idea has detail in the next sentences.5
2.SENTENCE BEGINNINGSI’ve carefully chosen vocabulary and clauses as sentence beginnings.Sentences begin differently. Sentences begin in interesting ways using 'Adverbial Clauses'.3
3.VARIETY OF SENTENCESI’ve carefully chosen a variety of sentence types lengths complexities.Sentences are different lengths (sizes). Some sentences are Complex (long with detail), some Simple (short and powerful).5
4.VOCABULARYI’ve carefully chosen clever vocabulary and have used it appropriately.The right words (key vocab) have been used to add detail and say exactly what you mean, and make sense.5

Language uses the right tenses and vocab.
Writing makes sense. The right tenses ( past, present, future) and vocabulary (interesting words) are used in the right place.4
6.PUNCTUATIONSentences are clear with appropriate punctuation.Capitals are used for sentences beginnings.
Capitals are used for proper nouns (names of people and places).
Full stops are used at the end of sentences.
Commas, question marks, speech marks and exclamation marks used in the right places ( . , ! ? " ").
TOTAL 29 /30

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