Saturday, 3 March 2018

How can we save moeny?

How can we save money?

Is money a struggle? Money is something that most people have, but the big question is how can we save money rather than just spend spend spend? I am going to tell you how to save money?

One way to save money is to use less power. When you use too much power this causes you to pay for it right? Instead of always going to pay for power you should just turn off the lights , power points, reduce your t.v time & computer time before you think of drying your clothes on a sunny day wouldn’t you rather just hang it. By doing this you can save a lot of money. Then if it does then just turn it off.

Another way to save money is to quit smoking. First of all for adults that smoke out there please read. Did you know that smoking is bad this causes people to die. If you don’t know how it can cause you to die then I can tell. Smoking can affect your lungs causing less breath problems. Many people have family problems because of this they smoke out of stress, it may be hard to come out of smoking but it can really help you to save money. In the end your money for smokes can be used to buy food, clothes and education.

Last but not least make gifts don’t but them. Before you think of buying gifts just make them. By making gifts it can really help reduce the amount of money you spend on buying gifts. If your wondering what kind of gifts you can buy then I can tell you, you can make food like fresh-baked bread or cookies, homemade soap, candles, cards and all kinds of other things. As a result the the receiver will know your actually putting love into it. At first I know you were thinking that it’s easier to buy gifts but you can really save a lot of money.

These are my points on how to save money. If you follow one of these points and stick to it I strongly believe that you will save a lot of money.  You never know a month later you may have more money than you did the month before. Saving money can really help you and you kids in life & in the future.

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