Thursday, 8 June 2017

Persuading an audience to believe my opinion

Hey do you think kids should get paid to go school? If you're thinking yes I agree with you.

Reason why is because without kids the school wouldn’t be operating or in other words there wouldn’t be any school. Yeah for school you need teachers but without kids there would be no school.

Another reason why I think students should get paid to go to school is because school is like a job for kids. So we may go to school to learn but it is like a part time job for us, which we don’t get paid for. Teachers won’t get paid if kids weren't at school. So I reckon kids should get paid half the money the teachers do.

I also reckon kids should get paid to go to school because maybe their parents don’t earn that much money to put food on the table, clothes on their back, a roof to live under and bills to pay. As if kids got paid to go to school it is an advantage to help their parents if their family are struggling.

In my conclusion I won’t have much to say because I have stated all my ideas in my three points. So please consider these ideas as an option
for kids to get paid.

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