Thursday, 6 April 2017

Beef Cobler

Today we walked down to tech. When we go tech we go to cooking. Our cooking teacher is Ms Heka. At tech we cooked Beef Cobler. First we had to get 200g of flour and put it in a large measuring bowl , then get 40g of butter and mix it together. Next we had to get a egg then crack it and put it into our flour and butter mix. When the egg was dissolved we got some milk and poured it into our dough until it was soft. After That we had to get 2 onions and cut them up , next we had to get 1 small plate of mince and cut that up. Furthermore we had to get 2 tbs of oil and put in into a pan. Moreover we had to put the mince , onions some herbs and 1 stock into the pan a leave it until it was cooked. Then we got small tray and put the food in the pan and put it into the tray. After That we had to put the dough on top of it and left it to cook in the oven. When it was finish we got to put it into a a bowl and put either tomato sauce or sweet chili sauce on top , I put tomato sauce. Here is a photo of what I made.

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