Friday, 19 February 2016


In 1844 on a Friday Afternoon at 2pm  Taranaki,  Everest,  Pihanga and Ngauruhoe were fighting in G.I. They were fighting over the place called Maungarei in Panmure Auckland. Mt Taranaki meet Mt Pihanga  in wellington because they heard Everest talking about a place called maungarei that none owned. So then Taranaki,  Everest and Mt Pihanga were arguing over Maungarei.

Taranaki,Everest and Pihanga were all saying I’ll have Maungarei ,  I’ll have Maungarei. Then ngauruhoe came and said ‘‘I will have it’’. Furthermore Taranaki and them said excuse me where did you come from. Moreover ngauruhoe ‘‘said it doesn’t matter where I came from I am going to claim that place’’. After ngauruhoe said that, they all started arguing. When they did stop arguing they started fighting and then maungarei came and said ‘‘none is claiming that place cause it’s mine’’.

Taranaki, Everest, Pihanga, Ngauruhoe and Maungarei Started hitting each other. Maungarei dad came and said I will pick who takes the place Maungarei. He said ‘‘it will be my son Maungarei taking that place’’. Then is was settled. Taranaki, Everest, Pihanga, and Ngauruhoe left and didn’t return. 

Maungarei dad asked if he could turn him into a mountain. The next day a man saw Maungarei the mountain and he  started walking up the mountain when he reached the top he saw a plate which said Maungarei. He was thinking of calling an English name so, he did call it an English name which is called Mt Wellington...

Walt: plan a narrative text, thinking carefully about who 

we are writing for and why?

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