Wednesday, 18 November 2015

My Athletics Writing

What team do you think is the best? Red, Green, Yellow or Blue. I will tell you my best. It is called hokule'a. If you’re wondering what hokulea stands for it is for green. Green is currently the most popular decorating colour, green symbolizes nature. It is a calming, refreshing colour. On friday the 13th of november it was Pt England school's annual athletics day.

When the 9.00o'clock bell rang room 9&10 walked to our school court. Then we sat down and Mr Burt,Mr jacobsen and Miss Va'afusuaga told us were all the different activities are and when we have to swap over. Before that all the year 5’s had to split into a girls group and a boys group .The girls first activity was shotput. After That our second activity was high jump. Every single girl had to split up. We all had to split up to what hand we write with. Almost all the girls went on the right. We all nearly made  it over. at it came down to the three finalist which was me my other 2 friends. Named  Aneelis and faioso. As soon as it went to high we were the that just made it over. Faioso came 1st I came 2nd and Aneelis came 3rd. Guess what? We were all in Hokule'a.

The next activity we went to was softball. Lots of girls were throwing  far but only three people threw it the farest which was me Faioso and another girl named Myzstique. Mystique came 1st faioso came 2nd and I came 3rd.
Moreover before we all threw the farest other girls threw far but when it was Me, Myzstique and faioso’s turn we were the ones who threw further. Furthermore 3 more girls went after us but they didn’t throw far enough.

I felt happy because that was a great day and I had fun.When me and my friend Aneelis finished high jump we had scrapes on our arms. Also I had a sore arm and a sore leg. Vote For Hokule'a it’s the best.

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