Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My Egg Friend Recount

Guess what? Well this is crazy so on Wednesday the 21st of october room 9 had to do an activity with an egg. It was weird. It was an egg race. When our teacher told us I was shocked and then he told us more information. I finally understood.

Then he gave us an egg and we also had to  draw faces on it. The colour for my egg’s mouth, nose, eyes and hair were green. Furthermore when were still drawing on our eggs one of the boys in our class named John bumped another boy named Simon and Simon’s egg dropped and cracked. Moreover someone helped  Simon clean up. After that we walked to Pt England schools playground. Even more when we got to the park our teacher took a photo of us with our eggs. Then our teacher gave us a spoon it was a little spoon and our egg couldn’t even fit on it.

But we still raced when some of us started we had to go over 4 things and under 1. When my friend Anna went to walk with her egg, her egg dropped and cracked. So then me and my other friends went to go bury her egg and I said ‘‘Happy long life to you happy long life to you,
Happy long life to you happy long life to you, Happy long life to nickson Happy long life to you happy long life to you’’. We carried on with the race and one of my friends won.

It was really sad when my friends egg cracked but I was also happy for my other friend when she won. That was a great morning and also weird It was also a good experience.

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