Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My Game Animation

I am going to tell you about my game animation. It is about ghost and other characters.

In the game I will be telling you how to work the game and how to play it. I am making this game because you can play it on a rainy day or on any day.

My character is a ghost. Her job is to get to the bonus level so she is safe. If she dies 3 times the enemy will get her and kill her with a picaxe. So try not die.

In My game there are different levels including a bonus level. To get to the bonus level you have to run as fast as you can because another ghost named Grimmy will get you and kill you if you keep on dying.

You collect coins. There are also bombs and mushrooms that can make you die and lose lives.

Well I hope you enjoyed my game and have fun playing it.

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