Thursday, 27 November 2014

My Pig

As the midday sun rose high over the farm, Rosy the pig, settled into her eleventh mud-wallow. Life was good for Rosy. After rolling in the mud, Rosy watched the sunset, and her pink snout twitched as she sniffed for food by the compost. Far, far away, when the sun reached it’s highest point, her owner, Samantha Puckett spied Rosy’s small keen eyes. They were sharp and inquisitive. “I wonder what Rosy is looking for?” thought Samantha as she washed the dishes. Furthermore, when Samantha was going for a walk she could see patches of coarse hair sticking out from her face in tufts. Moreover, when Rosie was at the farm all the other animals were looking at her as she was very nosy, always wanting to know what her owner was doing.

It had been nearly one hundred years since the farm had been built, nestled on the side of the hills next to the babbling creek. When Samantha was tidying up she packed away the  bales of hay that were rested in a neat array. She poured water on Rosie from the water tanks, which stood to attention like three rotund guards. Not long after this, she could see the hills that caught the long shadows of the late afternoon sun. Then she took Rosie for a walk  back to the barn which was her home - comforting, cosy and always busy with its inhabitants.

One day a big man came in a truck and his windows were right down. He picked up Rosie, gave her a nasty injection which put her to sleep, then dropped her in the back of his boot before drove off. As she woke she noticed that she was in the water! She was so worried that her concentration made her frown in earnest. Her hooves tried to tread in the water, but she could hardly stay afloat!The turquoise water lapped over her snout. When she was in the water she was  panicking in as she appeared unable close the gap to land. Suddenly a boat appeared in the bright blue water then they went to go save her. They knew where she was from because she had a collar on her neck that said where she was from. After that they took her back to where  she be  logged and she was surprised.

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  1. Hi Shaeles I really like the way you have written this story and that you have added a lot of detail. I really like how you have written this whole story by your self. Bye Shea I really hope to see more of your story's next time. I wish that you had a happy and grateful Christmas And that you have had the greatest New year ever. BYE HOPE TO SEE MORE FROM YOU.